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Shine Speech and Feeding provides speech, language, and feeding therapy services for children and their families in Loudoun County, VA. Individual therapy and parent coaching are provided in your home or online via our secure teletherapy platform. 


Services typically begin with an evaluation. Our evaluations are a thoughtful combination of parent input, standardized assessments, observation, and therapist-child interaction. The evaluation process allows us to develop an understanding of a child's strengths, skillset, and challenges. The results, along with family preferences, will guide our treatment planning and goals.

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Speech & Language Evaluations & Therapy

Using a combination of play-based therapy, evidence-based approaches, and parent coaching, our sessions are always designed to be engaging and motivating. We invite families (siblings included!) to be active participants in our sessions to help with the carry-over of skills. We specialize in working with children to address communication challenges in the following areas:

Late Talkers

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Articulation Disorders

Phonological Delays

Receptive/Expressive Language

Social Communication


Feeding Therapy

Using a whole-child approach to feeding, we are committed to developing a comprehensive understanding of the child's challenges and the family's goals for therapy. Feeding therapy addresses sensory processing, motor planning for sucking, chewing, and/or swallowing, picky eating, and medical history. We understand the importance of safe eating and adequate nutrition as well as making mealtime an enjoyable experience for everyone. We are trained in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding and the Talk Tools Sensory-motor Approach to Feeding to address:


Picky Eating and Food Refusal

Oral Motor Skills (chew pattern, pocketing, lip closure, tongue movement, swallowing)

Muscle Weakness/Discordination

Sensory Processing for Food Tolerance

Parent Education


Parent & Caregiver Coaching

We believe in empowering the most important people in a child's lives with the tools to support ongoing development at home, school, and in the community. Parent coaching is an excellent option for children who are not ready for direct therapy. Coaching is available to anyone wanting to learn how to:

Learn strategies to help your child communicate and interact during everyday routines and activities


Understand how to engage your child in back and forth communication exchanges (even before he or she is using words to communicate)


Manage mealtime and feeding challenges


 Learn effective ways to play with your child and how to increase social opportunities


Get started today!

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