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Speech, Language, & Feeding Therapy 

Serving Children in Loudoun County, VA


At Shine Speech and Feeding, we understand your child's journey begins with establishing a trusting relationship and a safe space to explore new skills. We are dedicated to helping children grow and thrive by celebrating individual differences and unique strengths, empowering every child to shine!


We take a collaborative approach by inviting parents to be an active part of our therapy sessions to learn how to best support their children's developmental skills. Our therapy sessions are a thoughtful combination of direct interaction and parent education where we work together to create meaningful opportunities to support your child in acquiring important speech, language, social, and feeding skills.

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Speech & Language Evaluations & Therapy

Late Talkers

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Articulation Disorders

Phonological Delays

Receptive/Expressive Language

Social Communication

Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Feeding Therapy

Oral-Motor Feeding Disorders


Picky Eating

Sensory Challenges

SOS Approach to Feeding

Talk Tools Sensory-Motor Approach to Feeding


Parent & Caregiver Coaching

Strategies for supporting communication at home

Tools for feeding-related challenges

Play skills and social interactions

Involving siblings in home practice

Vicki was an amazing therapist for my family. She gave my kids a voice and helped teach them to talk, sign, and eat. Her feeding therapy was a miracle for my youngest. She truly has changed our lives. 

~ Sonya T., parent

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